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SCR Desulfurization Denitration Electric Heaters



Product overview:

Desulfurization denitration electric heater is set by the electric energy conversion into heat, the heating element adopts 0Cr27A17Mo2 high resistance alloy wire, stainless steel tube protection sleeve 1CrI8Ni9Ti, with Magnesium Oxide crystal packing, molded by compression process, the service life reached the international advanced level. With the fan pressure air heated to limit temperature, air pressure heat after the dry ash gasification device through full fluidization, discharge flow, which are widely used in dry ash fluidization system, electric heater, air heater is ash removal system using new heating equipment for coal-fired power plants.

Product features:

The utility model has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, good drying effect, convenient installation and operation, small maintenance workload, etc.

Product application:

Suitable for power plant airslide gasification wind heating, electric precipitator hopper gasification ash storage gasification wind and wind heating etc..





Contact Us

Address: No. 3 Dazhai Road, Baoying Development Zone, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

Tel: 0514-88603099 / 8860 0333 / 88600999

Fax: 0514-8860 0909 / 88913066

Technical support: 0514-8860 0808

E-mail: [email protected]

URL: en.wnheater.com

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